li.ght-gi.ver /līt/giver/ Printable

li.ght-gi.ver /līt/giver/ Printable


li.ght-gi.ver /līt/giver/

One who illuminates their surroundings with Christ-like love wherever they go, replacing confusion with peace, love, optimism, and humility. 
Are you a Light -giver?
*Do others leave your presence wanting to be a better version of themselves? 
*Do your words AND actions inspire others to become more Christ-centered? 
*Do others feel safe and loved in your presence? 

*Are you able to see the light and beauty in all things, even darkness? 


When we are conscious of our actions and consistently do our best to develop Christlike attributes with a pure heart, we begin to illuminate. 

Surround yourself with the Light-givers, and your ENTIRE WORLD will light up.
LIGHT REFLECTS  - Jodi L. Nicholes



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